Made with passion

Navtična oblačila za vsakogar

Our story starts in year 2000. We had one clear vision: bring the inspiration of the sea to everyday style across the world. Since then we grew Bigg-R into a lifestyle brand with 4 stores in Slovenia.

Every single product of Bigg-R is designed to be somehow special. We create high-quality fashion that delivers versatility and comfort.

Perfect fit

Made in Slovenia

Local craftmanship

The first stage of production is to create final design, which is followed by tailoring, printing and then sewing. All this is done at home, at the company headquarters in Celje, Slovenia.

Each peace carefully designed

With emphasis on details

From design to product

Bigg-R, with its own R&D department, manufactures casual apparel, sportswear and demanding promotional clothing.

Each item goes through four stages of production to the fifth stage, which is related to sales in its own stores.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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Kreacija d.o.o.

Janševa ulica 13, 3000 Celje +386 41 615 903